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“I always want to keep learning something; I don’t know what I am capable of till I actually do it. I am completely surprised by all the stuff I did on Jhalak because I have never danced like that before” – Mukti Mohan
"Leap to Lead. No contribution is small when it is made for humanity. 100 Bucks or a Crore, please chip in" - Sushant Singh
"I want to see dance. If I wanted to watch acrobatics, I would have gone to the circus" - Saroj Khan
Gautam has an one on one with his fans!
“At the end of the day, you have to look at the bigger picture because a wedding is not just about the bride or the groom” – Vahbbiz Dorabjee
"Sometimes, you just have to make something because the people, the surroundings…it all just comes together in such an attractive way that you just have to capture it" - Faisal Raza Khan
“I am passionate about baking! It has me hooked and happy” – Deeya Chopra
 “Street food is the window to the flavors of a city” – Karan Kundra
"I have grown up in a family where food has always been the focal point" - Manasi Parekh's Food Diaries
“I have learnt and developed so much as an artist just because I have never restricted myself to just one art form.”  Nidhi Uttam