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“When you look for love courageously; love begins to seek you” Vahbbiz and Vivian are a beautiful couple who lend new meaning to ‘opposites attract’, a serendipitous meeting blossomed into love and the relationship naturally progressed towards marriage. They might be a modern, independent and laid back couple yet Vahbbiz and Vivian take commitment to each other and their families very seriously. Nothing is more powerful than the power of love but love is not just about a relationship between a man and a woman. It is an ethereal thread that binds together an everlasting bond between two families. “We could have just had a very chilled out wedding in Goa but we wanted the perfect wedding that our parents had visualized for us”, admits Vahbbiz. There is nothing more exciting than the festive nature of a wedding and this young couple’s diverse backgrounds just added more colour and flavor to all the events and celebrations. Steeped in tradition yet completely out of the box…Vahbbiz shares her wedding memories with Tinsel Gupshup


The proposal

There was no official proposal as such. We always knew that our relationship would eventually lead to marriage so I never really expected a formal proposal. We went ring shopping together and helped each other pick up our rings. A wedding ring is the one piece of jewellery that you will wear for the rest of your lives so Vivian and I wanted to pick our own rings.


Vision for my wedding

Honestly speaking, if the wedding planning had been left up to me, I would have had a very chilled out wedding in Goa. Vivian and I are not too big on traditions but our parents had some dreams and we wanted to go along with whatever they wanted. It was very hectic for the both of us but we also had a lot of fun…


Pre-wedding jitters

No…I was not nervous at all!! A week before the wedding I went home to Pune and Vivian went back to Ujjain so we were apart till the wedding. I belong to Pune and all my cousins flew in from all over the world to attend the wedding. The atmosphere was so festive at my house and every night we would have huge family dinners. A lot of my cousins had not been to India in a long time so we would just party the whole night away.



Mehendi / Sangeet

Even though I am Parsi, I wanted a Mehendi / Sangeet. So in the morning we had a huge mehendi function at my place with a lot of singing and dancing. I even wore the ‘Choodas’ during the function. I got my mehendi applied later that afternoon because it takes a long time and I would have to sit still for a while. Of course in the morning I was dancing away so that would have completely ruined my bridal mehendi


Vivian arrives in Pune

Vivian was in Ujjain with his family. The day after my mehendi / sangeet function he arrived in Pune. That was a very special day for me for two reasons. Firstly, it was my parents wedding anniversary and secondly because Vivian was finally arriving in my hometown for the wedding.



The big day

I have to say that Vivian and I had a very exclusive wedding. I am Parsi and he is part Hindu and part Catholic so we had a beautiful fusion wedding of sorts. We decided to have a court marriage where the registrar came to our wedding venue. Vivian and I were up on a stage, the court registrar married us and that was followed by a huge reception. So, we did not have a traditional wedding yet we followed all the necessary rituals and traditions that our parents wanted us to. It was a very fair wedding and I would not have had it any other way…


What they wore

For the wedding I wore a traditional bridal lehenga in Red. It is funny because I am not a Hindu yet for my wedding I have always visualized myself in a beautiful Red Lehenga. The only thing I was particular about was that my bridal lehenga should not be very heavy. I have done bridal shoots and I have no idea how girls carry off 30 kilo lehengas. For the mehendi I wore a very beautiful Purple and Green combination Anarkali. Vivian wore a Sherwani and Saafa (turban) and though I had not shown him my wedding lehenga…I thought we were complimenting each other really well at the wedding and reception. It goes without saying that we have always been a very well matched couple…touchwood!


Straight after Pune, we went to Ujjain. Vivian’s mother is a Brahmin so we wanted to follow some of her traditions as well. I had a proper ‘Grihapravesh’ ceremony and that was followed by games where we had to look for the ring in milky water etc. I won all the games…obviously! In the evening we had a huge reception and the food was to die for. I remember it was really cold in Ujjain and Vivian and I were literally frozen by the time our reception got over


After party

Once we got back to Mumbai, we threw a huge party for all our friends here. It was our first party as a married couple and all our friends attended…was a lot of fun!


Looking back…

I feel blessed. I am married to the man of my dreams and my wedding was full of abundance. We did not have a traditional wedding yet we followed all the traditions and rasms that our parents wanted us to, so it was a beautiful and diverse wedding. Also, we had two receptions…what more can a girl ask for!! At the end of the day, you have to look at the bigger picture because a wedding is not just about the bride or the groom. It is about two families and every parent has a dream or a vision about their child’s big day. A wedding in Goa would have been ideal because Vivian and I are very laid back people but that would have been very selfish of us. So even though we come from different religions and backgrounds, it was a very fair wedding. Both our parents were absolute sweethearts and no one imposed anything on us. Mehendi, sangeet, choodas, baraat, court marriage, grihapravesh, games, rituals, two receptions, an after party with all our friends and lots and lots of beautiful memories!!


Photo credit: Vahbbiz Dorabjee

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Jun 12, 2013
That sounded exhausting! How many ceremonies DID they have?! But I loved that she didn't expect a formal proposal and they do make a lovely couple. God Bless!

karishma kadvatar
Mar 31, 2013
the article is very nice n romantic.... thx for sharing it wit us....

Mar 31, 2013
artcle bahut hi achcha aur lovely hai MAY GOD BLESS DEARVIVAAH.

Mar 31, 2013
thanks for this articles and pictures if u included the pictures of Vivian d Sena family then it will be more good because we always saw vabz family with vd his family always missed. want to see them

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