About Us

Welcome to Tinsel Gupshup!!!


My love for Hindi Serials is all thanks to my mom. I used to shuttle between London and Dubai and while on a break back home, my mom introduced me to the wonderful world of Hindi daily serials...at first I used to watch the shows to give her company and then before I knew it...I was completely engrossed in the stuff and now I am a proud addict! It is an intriguing world and this intrigue and curiosity led to the birth of "Tinsel Gupshup"!


Tinsel Gupshup will present features on daily serial celebrities. There will be no gossip and rumours...instead the focus will be on their journeys and experiences into Tinseltown - the good, the bad and perhaps even the ugly! Not every actor is just an actor...they have hidden passions - poetry, writing, photography and that is the side we would love to know about. Basically there is no dearth of all that we want to learn about our daily stars...no end to the gupshup!


Now, this is not an award ceremony but there are some very special people that I would like to thank…so here goes:

I am eternally grateful to Mr. Sidharth Sengupta, Raj Singh Arora, Gautam Rode, Chhavi Mittal, Shubhangi Atre Poorey and Gaurav Chopraa. Thank you for taking the leap of faith...


My mommy….I love you!! May we continue to analyze and dissect each expression to the point where dad has to step in and tell us just what was going on even though he wasn’t even watching the show!!


…and now without further ado…let the Gupshup begin…!!