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Sara Khan turns producer for Sister’s Social Cause


Television actress Sara Khan has produced a thought provoking musical video starring her sister Naina Mansukhani who has rapped ‘India’s Daughter?’  And guess who's supporting it?  We hear that actor Hrithik Roshan has been tweeting the video and helping the sisters spread awareness.  Hrithik happens to be a close friend of Sara's husband, Arfeen Khan.    


Sara who is currently juggling between her three shows & upcoming movie takes to produce her sister Naina’s rap version of the infamous documentary India’s daughter… her musical video is questioning the former documentary. 



‘Just recently we were all talking about the documentary on the Delhi rape case on the sets & I chose to not pay heed to it as I get affected quickly with these sensitive issues. As I got home, Naina asked me to sit down to listen to her rap on the same… I was absolutely stunned & instantly thought of making it into a music video as the audiences would connect to it more.’


‘We are so used to moving on that the documentary is a thing of the past overshadowed by current hot trends but I wanted to be sure, Naina’s message comes across to everyone because I really liked the idea & which is why decided to produce it. I’m obviously not making money out of this but want it to create maximum awareness,’ added Sara Khan. 


Sara Khan has quite a bonding with her sibling & is always appreciative of her on her social media handles. Naina visits her sister very often on the sets & has been a stylist to her on many occasions.


Sara Khan signs off, ‘The video is a version of our opinion & we are all allowed to have an opinion. I want it to reach as many people as it can.’


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