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“No one in this industry hires me happily! Everyone knows that this designer will not listen” – Neerushaa Nikhat
“I can identify with Shlok because I can be dark if I want to…” Waseem Sabir
“I have learned to deliver yet hold on to the basic essence…I believe that the truth can be spoken in many ways” – Utkarsh Naithani
“TV shows are not edgy. You can expect edginess in films but not in serials” – Kavita Barjatya
“Unfortunately, these days in the television landscape, a Director’s point of view is given very little credence” – Deepak Sharma
“I think all our shows have produced one memorable couple and it is an amazing feeling that the characters we create become so popular and get so much love from the viewers” – Siddharth Malhotra
“I don’t leave any stone unturned…whether I am directing one scene, one show, one actor or 500 actors…that is how I work. With this show, I will be taking my perfectionism to a whole new level” – Arvind Babbal
"The rest is as they say…no sleep till now" - Vikas Gupta
“We aimed to become a brand to reckon with and I think we have been able to create that for ourselves” – Tanuj Garg
“I truly believe this is the power of Mahadev and of course our dedication in making the show” – Nikhil Sinha