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‘The Serial’, one of the most awaited shows has finally made its debut on Channel V. The reviews have been pouring in…love it, hate it but you cannot ignore it! In this day and age of television where ‘run off the mill’ stories are battered to bits, ‘The Serial’ brings forth a new concept - a taste of reality, a tinge of fantasy and a whole lot of drama. Tinsel Gupshup brings you up, close and personal with Vikas Gupta - the force behind the show that brings you into a ‘TV actor’s real life”



TG: How did ‘The Serial’ happen? Have you conceptualized, written it?

VG: I had started my production house – A LOST BOY PRODUCTIONS and our first venture was Gumrah. At the same time, I was working on developing new ideas and it was very important that we came up with something completely different yet relatable. We wanted to take a season break and go on a road trip after Gumrah and the idea was to document our lives. Of course, Gumrah season 2 happened and from that point, the idea of documenting lives started and ‘Rubaru’ was born (later renamed to ‘The Serial’). We had pitched the show to another young channel but for some reasons they could not get back to us. When Sakshi Khanna (non- fiction head at Channel V) heard about the show, she jumped on board immediately and before we knew it, Channel V was approving a pilot. The rest is as they say…no sleep till now!



TG: You have worked with Karan Kundra on Gumrah. Any particular reasons you chose to showcase Pooja Gor, Soumya Seth, Sara Khan, Vikrant Massey, Raj Singh Arora and Kritika Kamra for this show?

VG: Yes, Karan and I have worked together before, not just on Gumrah but on Kitani Mohabbat Hai also. One of the main reasons for working with him and choosing him for this project is because he is always ready to experiment with his work, he loves challenges and well of course, he is extremely popular. Kritika Kamra will be playing a cameo on ‘The Serial’ because her show got extended so she could not be a part of the project completely. I am so appreciative that she could become a part of the show in some way. Raj Singh Arora has stayed away from doing television for a long time, almost 5 years. He is an intense actor and although a lot of people (including Raj himself) were unsure about my choice, after watching the first episode, I can proudly say that Raj has killed it! Pooja Gor is a huge star and just last year I had suggested that after her show finishes, she should do a younger show. The timing was just perfect and it all fell into place. Once Soumya and Vikrant heard the story and the concept, they came on board instantly. We absolutely needed a powerful force like Vikrant and it really helped that Karan and Vikrant used to good friends. Sara Khan is a Rockstar!! There is so much about her life that people should know about and she is my favourite…so she was an obvious choice. Also, the onscreen Soumya and off screen Soumya are two very very very different people and believe me when I tell you that she is a complete revelation in the series.  It was a mammoth task to get everyone together but I have to hand it to the entire cast, including Abigail, for agreeing to work in such an experimental show and trusting me about the whole thing.



TG: It’s not easy to open up about your life…especially the personal details (relationships, make-ups, break-ups)…did you have a hard time convincing any of the actors for this show?

VG: As I mentioned earlier, it was a mammoth task but let me put it this way…all the actors on the show are intelligent and passionate people. All of them have been doing TV for some time now and just like me, they are bored of the same old story telling. Let me tell you that every single actor has taken a cut on the money to do this show. Channel V is always trying to do something different on television and so its budgets cannot be compared to channels like Star and Colors. Each and every individual on this show and Channel V believe in Lost Boy’s vision and value - presenting content that is real and non conventional. I am really hoping that all our efforts will be accepted and loved!



TG: Did you think of appearing on the show as well?

VG: No, I did not but I think every other cast member must have mentioned this to me a million times! Honestly speaking, what really excites me is writing and creating this show. Plus I am putting it together with the most amazing bunch of hardworking people who are behind the lens.




TG: Professionally you have had these amazing ups and downs. If you could go back and change anything or do anything over…would you? What would you change?

VG: Well, maybe I would…maybe I would not have come to Mumbai and would be studying at Oxford and travelling. Of course I would not be working on TV but I am sure I would be doing something else…something just as interesting. I would most definitely miss some of the most wonderfully crack people who I have come to know and are such an important part of my life now.



TG: Lost boy production – intriguing name, is there a story behind it?

VG: That is because I am lost in life and I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with that. I was doing very well for myself when I quit Balaji, and everyone around me kept telling me that I had lost it! I admit, I am lost and hence the name of my production house. Anyone who is lost in life…please, you are most welcome here... 




TG: Please give us the one or two words that comes to your mind for all the actors in ‘The Serial’ 

Karan Kundra: lazy, passionate, loyal

Vikrant Massey: extraordinary actor, hardworking

Sara Khan: success story, super hot, daring

Soumya Seth: she is a boy, you have been lied to!

Pooja Gor: beautiful, Sid’s best friend and serious

Kritika Kamra: I love her

Raj Singh Arora: intelligent, Al Pacino


Photo credit: Vikas Gupta


© Tinsel Gupshup

Oct 17, 2013
Iwant to send some story fr yeh hai aashiqui show whom shall icontact ?

Nov 28, 2012
luv u Somya...

Dr. Naeema Afzal
Nov 28, 2012
Lostboy - The Kritika Kamra story in your show has a making of KMH REAL Task unite kittu and sunny, 2 unique individuals lost to each other. In this prog, Saumya and Sara u can do without. I wry 4 kk

Dr. Naeema Afzal
Nov 28, 2012
Lostboy KMH3 in the making in THE SERIAL - Saumya and Sara may be your friends but irrelevant. Your task to unite Sunny and Kittu.

Nov 28, 2012
thanks TG. loved this interview. its a welcoming change in television. loved new concepts always. good to know many actors are supporting it. Even my fav actor Neil Bhatt was there in Gumraah 2. goo

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