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"I love the French saying: 'everything in moderation, including moderation.”


Karan Kundra requires no introduction. He is probably one of the most well known faces on television today.  Though we love to see him in romantic roles, Karan has managed to carve an exclusive niche for himself through his presence in Gumrah. He takes the responsibility seriously…I tell him that the stories shown on the show are extremely disturbing to which he replies, “If you find the enactments disturbing to watch, imagine what we go through when we do all the research!” Karan is gorgeous, smart, armed with a smile that can melt and makes no bones about the fact that he is a complete sucker for good food. Tinsel Gupshup joins Karan on the Gumraah roadtrip to bring you his foodie diaries!


TG: Gumraah gets shot in many different cities. Tell us about the cities you have been to.

KK: For the most part we shoot in Mumbai but the show has taken me to Mussoorie, Dehradun, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, Agra, Jaipur…



TG: Are you the kind of person who would go try out new places to eat or stick to your regular favourite places?

KK: Oh I never stick to the tried and tested places. I am a complete Punjabi foodie so I love trying out new places to eat. When we go on an outdoor, the entire unit will not accompany us…we always take just 15-20 people with us and these are the people I am closest to. In fact when we go for shoots outside Mumbai, we never eat at the hotel…never! At the hotel we’ll only have tea, coffee and things like that. Apart from that, all our meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are outside.




TG: Tell us a bit about your food experiences in all these different cities

KK:  I have had the best food experiences in each and every city. We are an adventurous bunch so we always venture out for good food. When we were shooting in Jaipur, I took the crew to this place that served traditional Rajasthani food. I have lived in Rajasthan for a while, so I knew exactly where to take the crew to experience proper, authentic food. While we were in Mussoorie, we went to this Tibetan restaurant and it had the best Tibetan / Indo-Chinese food…I have never had such delicious Tibetan food. Dehradun has the best bakeries and trust me we eat so much when we go for outdoor shoots. I have to hit the gym as soon as I get back to Mumbai because we go all out with the ‘foodieness’ on outdoor shoots!


TG: Are you a street food kind of a person?

KK: I thoroughly enjoy street food. I feel that if you go to any city in India, you have to check out the street food because that is where you’ll experience the real flavors of the city. Fine dining restaurants are great but honestly speaking, at the end of the day they are all the same. If you go to a chain restaurant, again you know exactly what’s on the menu and no matter which city you go to…a burger will taste the same…right? So, if you really want to experience the true flavors of a city, you have to eat the street food.  We were shooting for Gumrah in Delhi and the street food is to die for. Our shoot was near the Masjid and that is where you will find the best Kababs. Also, if you have not tried the roadside momos in Delhi, then you have not tried anything. Punjab is so famous for its “Chhola Kulcha” and you will find the tastiest ones through street vendors. Also, Indore and Agra are so famous for their street food.




TG: Don’t you get worried when you try out street food in all these different cities? You are on a shoot, what if you fall ill?

KK: As an actor, I have shot when I had typhoid and very high fever. I have friends who have worked even though they were down with Dengue and what not. So even if we are sick the shoot still goes on. Since I love food so much, I don’t think I’ll lose out on eating at a new place out just because I might fall ill. As television people, we are quite used to shooting in all sorts of conditions – rain, cold, heat, sickness, so that is just a part of the job. Also, I have been indulging in street food since I was a kid, so my immune system is quite good and my stomach can handle it pretty well. So at the end of the day, I eat whatever I want to and I make sure that the people around me get to experience all the yummy food as well.



TG: Have you ever tried something that you usually would not, while on an outdoor?

KK: I love non vegetarian food, I mean I cannot go a day without it. So, when we were shooting in Haridwar, I was a bit worried about the fact that you only get vegetarian food there. You have to believe me…I was completely blown out of the water because the food was just so so good there. We had such an amazing time in Haridwar and we ate so much there…you cannot imagine the amount of food ate. I had nothing but vegetarian stuff but hands down, it was the best food experience I have had so far! We ate at this dhaba called the ‘Chotiwala restaurant’ and that place is about 600 years old. I had heard about the place and all throughout the day I kept telling everyone that as soon as we packed up, I was heading to that dhaba to eat. Trust me, it was the best food ever! If you ever go to Haridwar, you must eat at this dhaba!




TG: Ok, so can you give us one specialty from each of the places you have been to

KK: If you go to Jallandhar, you have to go to the interiors of the city for some of the Best Street and dhaba food. The thing is that you can’t really be too finicky about hygiene and cleanliness but trust me, you will find the best chicken, chaat, chhole kulchas and proper Punjabi food.

Chandigarh: Don’t miss out on some of the best dhabas in Sector 17. Again, really good Punjabi food and the best Rajma Chaawal

Haridwar: this is complete vegetarian food heaven! The vegetarian thaalis are out of the world

Delhi: Momos, chaat, Kababs, Kabab rolls. Jama Masjid area has some of the best street food

Kolkata: I don’t have a sweet tooth but the sweets and desserts in Kolkata are just fantastic. Also, I love the fish curries

Agra: There are so many small restaurants and eateries around the Taj Mahal area. I am not kidding but I have some of the best meat in Agra…just melts in your mouth

Dehradun: this place has so many amazing world class bakeries

Ahmedabad: I love Gujarati food because it is very different. I have had some of the best thaalis in Ahmedabad

Rajasthan: You must try something called “Laal Maas”. Rajasthani food is very dry and spicy…so Daal Baati Churma etc. Also, a lot of Rajasthani delicacies are made in Camel milk so they have a very special taste.  



"We are all here to live and food is one of the greatest joys in our lives if we let it be." Karan is candid, intensely likable and full of delicious soundbites.  Tinsel Gupshup wishes this young talented actor all the best for his future ventures and oh yes…bon appétit!


Photo credit: Karan Kundra


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Aparna T. Spinthakis
Oct 22, 2012
omg.. KK is genius...he remember all these places n I do agree dhabas good is damn good. Superb interview Tinsel, hatsoff to u for getting this food info frm Kk, I mean u just caught the right person

Oct 17, 2012
wow that was one yummy interview. and i love how he said if u want to know the local flavors u got to eat the street food. totally agree with karan..will definitely check out these place if i happen t

Oct 17, 2012
*contd. if i happend to visit these places. Thanks TG for these refreshing interviews.

Oct 08, 2012
Love the Topic n love KK's take on food n his recommendations of food joints. Nice Interveiw.

Oct 08, 2012
Great interview TG. loved his little tit- bits about the various food joints especially the Chotiwala dhaba Karan is doing a great job in Gumraah.Wishing him all the best for all his future projects.

Piu Chatterjee
Oct 07, 2012
Thanks A ton TG for another interesting interview !! LOVED IT!!

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