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“Easy has never been an option for me. If you can’t make people believe in your character then what is the point?”– Varun Badola
“I think it took me more than 4 months to come out of Sukhdev and even now, a part of Sukhdev still lives in me” – Sushant Singh
“I never imagined that a television actor could have this kind of a reach and popularity” – Ragini Khanna
“When I think back to that period it really keeps me grounded and makes me work harder!” – Saurabh Raj Jain
“TV kills you every day and it revives you every day” – Kunal Karan Kapoor
“I have been given this lovely opportunity to play Lord Shiva and I consider it a huge responsibility” – Mohit Raina talks about being mortal and playing Mahadev