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You can’t miss Nigaar Khan on screen, luminous eyes, flawless skin and that enchanting smile. Accessorizing her halter with her hauteur, this gorgeous actress is effortlessly charming. Nigaar is refreshingly unpretentious when it comes to talking about her coin collection…yes, you heard us right…and you thought only ‘boys’ could be interested in coins?? Tinsel Gupshup gives you Nigaar Khan’s Pitara…



TG: You collect coins? Please tell us about this…

NK: I have actually never shared this with anyone. So this literally, is the first time I am talking about my coin collection. Yes, I collect coins and you will probably laugh or find it silly because it is nothing out of the world…it’s just a very normal interest. I collect Five Rupees Gold coins and I practically have a box full of them. If someone asks me for change, I never offer it…I always keep my change.



TG: When did you start collecting?

NK: I have been collecting since the time they launched Five Rupees Gold coins. The coin is just so fascinating to me, I don’t know why.  I suppose it’s the shiny bright Gold color that caught my attention. My father has travelled the world and he would always give us the change he collected whenever he came back to India. So, we would get so many coins in all the different currencies – Pennies, Cents, Dirhams etc. I still have so many Dirham coins and even now when I travel to Dubai, I won’t use them. So, I suppose I took it up from my father.



TG: Do you think you will ever use these coins, maybe in the future?

NK: The other day my friend asked me what I intended to do with these coins? Well, I will probably use them to make something very unique for my children. So, I could put all my Five Rupee coins up on a wall and make some sort of memorabilia out of them.



TG: How many coins gave you collected so far?

NK: I really don’t know how many I have because I don’t like to count them.  As long as the box I keep them in makes a noise when I shake it…I am happy! I don’t want to count them because to me, they are just coins not money. So if I count them, they will get monetary value and I really don’t want to do that. In fact, the box I collect them in is almost full…I need to buy another one.



TG: Do you have a lucky coin?

NK: No, I don’t think any ‘one’ of my coins is lucky for me. I don’t attach my luck to anything like that. I make my own luck…with God’s help


Photo credit: Nigaar Khan


©Tinsel Gupshup

Nov 28, 2012
Nice feature. loved the reason which Nigaar says for not counting the coin.. now thats what is called passion !!!

Piu Chatterjee
Nov 19, 2012
WOW!!Never knew Nigar had this wonderful collection.Thanks for bringing such a unique facet to us TG :) .Loved it !! as always !!

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