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Willowy, delicate and elegant – Ridhi Dogra truly is a beautiful girl. There is a certain mysteriousness to her face which is a sharp contrast to the next door prettiness of many young actresses. Her well defined features, doe eyes and shy smile just highlight the naked truth to her beauty. There is no doubt that this petite beauty is talented…after all, she portrayed Priya in ‘Maryada' effortlessly – a role that required heart, guts, vulnerability and a dramatic edginess. The glow on her face must have something to do with the fact that she is blissfully married to the man of her dreams...Tinsel Gupshup chats up with Ridhi to bring you her beauty secrets…



TG: You have beautiful skin, please share your regimen with us (morning and night)
Cleansing Toning and Moisturizing morning and night. The age old formula works for me! Add a bit of scrubbing too and it takes care of all the makeup I wear for long hours. 
I am an avid green tea drinker!! I sip on it through shoots and it really does do wonders for the skin. Apart from this, sleep, diet, rest and a happy disposition are really crucial for beautiful skin. 



TG: As an actor, you have to wear make-up for long hours, endure strong lights day in and day out, how do you protect your skin when you are shooting?
I cannot avoid wearing makeup however; I can protect myself by wearing good make up products! I use M.A.C. Its products sit very light on the skin and contain SPF which is another reason why it protects. Also, one has to be clued in on the expiry dates of cosmetics and stay away from cheap cosmetics. They may be easy on the pocket but can be harmful for skin in the long run. 



TG: At shoots, do you wear your own brand of make-up?
Yes. I carry my vanity box that has everything I need. I do my own makeup. In fact during Maryada I would do my own makeup every single day, in the car on my way to the shoot. It would take an hour or so to reach the set so I had plenty of time for my makeup. That way I would save time and be ready when I reached set. It was such a liberating feeling…To fully utilize my time and not waste it!!


TG: What is the one skin care product you absolutely cannot do without?
Forest Essentials. I am a hardcore FE aficionado!! The products are made from natural ingredients available in nature and don't have a hint of chemicals in them. All my skin care needs are taken care of completely by FE. In fact, I have turned Raqesh into a complete FE addict too!! 


TG: How do you deal with the occasional break-out?
Luckily I don't get break-out's, pimples etc that often but if I do, the first thing is 'I Don't panic' or fuss over it. I ignore it and don't give it any attention and believe it or not that actually works and the break- out's run away. Hahaha!


TG: When it comes to skin care and make-up products are you an impulsive shopper or do you research before you buy and try?
Like I mentioned, for my skin I rely on Forest essentials because of the natural process and ingredients they use. And yes, it is a conscious move to go in for FE products because I want to keep myself as far away as possible from chemicals on the skin. Likewise, for make-up it’s M.A.C for me!! I like the light texture of their products and the result it gives. 
I do tend to get carried away and pick up more makeup products than I actually need perhaps but my excuse is I'm an actor and I could need anything at anytime ;)


TG: How do you pamper your skin? (Spa treatments, masks)
I love fresh packs that my mother makes. She's a nutritionist and skin care expert. So she gives me home made packs that I swear by over any packs and masks at any parlor. 
I have to admit that I'm a massage and spa addict. I love going to the spa for massages. In fact I'm always on the lookout for great spa's to visit.


TG: Your favorite face wash and moisturizing cream? Favorite brands?
My favorite brand for skin care is Forest essentials. So everything I use is from FE. I love their Delicate Facial Cleanser, Kashmiri saffron and Neem for daily cleansing. Their Daily Cleanser Purifying Soy Milk is excellent for removing make up. I follow it up with their Aloe and jasmine toner and end it with the Sanjeevani booti for day and Soundarya advanced serum for night. 


TG: What products do you carry in your handbag?
The most important thing for me is my hand sanitizer!!! After that would be my M.A.C lip balm and M.A.C's waterproof kajal pencil in brown and black!! And my all time favorite perfume - Clinique happy heart !!!



TG: What is your magic home remedy? Something your mother or grandmother taught you?

RD: Multani mitti is one magical mitti!! I think not just mine but every Indian grandmother must have passed it on to the generations after them. Another recipe that my mother passed on to me is powdered Moong dal applied with milk or curd. That is a great remedy for facial glow and radiance.

TG: Late night shoots, you wake up feeling blah...what do you do for a skin pick me up?
Water, water and lots of water. Drinking Coconut water once a day is great too. Ideally, sleep is the only pick me up for great skin but since it gets difficult to get that in my profession…listening to music on my way to work is a GREAT way to get rejuvenated. I even apply coconut oil with few drops of essential oils on my face hand and feet before I go to sleep as it does its work while I am asleep and the next day I have supple, shining glowing skin. 


TG: One actor (female - Films, Television or Hollywood) who you think has flawless and beautiful skin?
RD: Raqesh my husband is blessed with skin that glows. Many times, while capturing him on camera, the DOP's would wonder how he gets the glow without any aid from the lighting department!! Katrina Kaif is BLESSED with flawless skin too...



TG: Do you like to try new products or do you prefer to stick to what works for you?

RD: It’s important to change what you apply on the skin or hair for that matter because your system gets used to products and then you won’t see the best results. So yes, change is good. But then an overdose of anything is bad. Never use a product so much that you exhaust your natural order. I consciously use minimum products - only what's required. Once in a while I do change things but I always try and stick to my 'less chemical more natural' motto!! 



TG: Do you do anything in particular for your skin before an important event, evening, photo-shoot?
Homemade packs like the moong dal paste with curd or a peppermint pack or multani mitti are just great for glowing and supple skin.



TG: Any product that you absolutely rave about and swear by? (After using this product you have
called you friends up and said - Oh my God, you have to try this)
All my friends have actually picked up Forest Essential products that suit their individual needs after listening to me rave about the brand!



TG: What is Ridhi’s trademark make-up style?
Off camera would be kajal and sometimes mascara, and lip balm!! That's it. The more my skin breathes the better it is. So I avoid any kind of foundation/base or make up.


TG: The best beauty advice / tip that you have received
Keep yourself positive and happy from within and it reflects on the outside!! The best advice I think :)


Photo Credit: Ridhi Dogra Vashisth


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Oct 02, 2012
nice interview TG...

Sep 25, 2012
Thank you for all the beauty tips. Nice Interveiw TG :)

Piu Chatterjee
Sep 25, 2012
What a wonderful interview...The pristine beauty shares her beauty secrets..LOVELY!! Guess what me too a FE loyalist...Thanks TG for the lovely interview

Sep 25, 2012
I love Ridhi. She is one of the finest actresses I've seen on TV. And beautiful in the most unique way. Raqesh and Ridhi make an awesome couple. Thanks for the genuine beauty tips Ridhi. And thanks TG

Aparna T. Spinthakis
Sep 24, 2012
I must say u got beautiful skin.very intresting interviews n got some good tips on skin care .Thanks Tinsel as usual ur interviews, articles is always interesting n superb.

Sep 23, 2012
Thanks for the wonderful interview...a small insight in the brilliant radiance she emits..and how to get one :)

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