Ballika Vadhu


Drama, Drama, Drama in Ballika Vadhu!! Anandi has been in love with Jagya since she was a little girl but Shiv has turned out to be her knight in shining armour..

So we want to find out who you are rooting for? Doctor Jagat or Collector Shiv?

Do comment and let us know...

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dr raka
Nov 01, 2012
shiv offcourse shiv , jagya chapter should be over ,we r living in 20th century . there is no point in forgiving jagya ,s cheating behaviour. he is still dodging gauri in his selfish approach ,

Shraddha Naik
Sep 11, 2012
Shiv Shiv Shiv Shiv..... :) Collector Sahab :)

Sep 10, 2012
of course SHIV all the way! he is perfect for anandi. anandi should rather be alone if she could only choose jagya. But between the two SHIV is the best*infinity and beyond :)

Piu Chatterjee
Sep 10, 2012
OFC Shiv ...For me once a cheater is always liable to commit such mistake again....While jagya may REPENT for his deeds ,yet no amount of REASON is enough to justify his ACTS..So its Shiv for me <3

Sep 10, 2012
Shiv......ideal for anandi

Sep 10, 2012
I think Dr. Jug can do a jig or sing country westerns all night long to keep him company from now on. It is Shiv, a sensible man with strong principles for Anandi- her knight in shinning armor:).

Sep 10, 2012
Jagdish. Because Anandi loves him and he realized his mistake. Love is not business. Forgiveness is devine.

Sep 10, 2012
Shiv because Shiv and Anandi are so alike despite their outward similarities.Jagat/Jagya and Anandi are so different from each other despite their outward signs of compatibility.

Sep 09, 2012
Collector Shiv

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