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We want your opinion. Both Mouni and Sonarika have portrayed Sati and Parvati beautifully. 

Who do you think has better chemistry with Mahadev and do tell us why...


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Nov 09, 2013
sati and shiv there is a no other person who can replace this two guys. they just rock

Aug 26, 2013
ofcourse sonarika was best suited for parvati's role. sonarika and mohit made a good ideal couple to play the character. Pls bring her back. we have stopped watching serial as no sonarika with mohit

Jun 08, 2013
shiv-sati is always best

May 06, 2013
I loved Mohit as Mahadev and Mahadev and Parvavati looks good together.

Mar 10, 2013
Shiv and sati were the BEST!!!!!

Feb 07, 2013
Shiv Sati phase was out of this world. Both Mouni &Mohit; have found a fan in me for life. They're an amazing pair that have the best chem. Tried my best with S but cannot watch more than a min w her

Rashmi venkatesh
Feb 05, 2013
I started to watch this serial almost a year later but the day i started to watch has not missed one episodes. This inspired me to watch the serial from the took several nights to complete watching the old episodes. The story is so amazing. Initially inspired me the role of sati & Shiva. Role played by mouni is excellent additionally i see & feel the appearance of lord Shiva in mohit. Such a wonderful picturisation and music..Karpura gouram .... Unforgettable. Hats off to the director & entire team for bringing people towards mahadev

Apeksha Bharad
Dec 08, 2012
shiv and parvati's jodi is good but jodi of sati and shiv is the best and will always remain the best.

Nov 26, 2012
Both Sonarika & Mouni have excelled in their roles very well. I agree that Sati-Shiv chemistry rocked, but there is no denying in the fact that people have accepted Sonarika as Parvati. Gr8 job Sona!!

Sep 28, 2012
Undoubtedly Mahadev & Sati is d best jodi. Mahadev & Parvati jodi doesn't have the chemistry between them

Sep 08, 2012
its a googol guess dat shiv-sati chem was fantabulous since da character of parvati is totally juxtaposed by bad direction no one can bl;ame ppor sonarika, but sona is working very hard, its more like

Sep 07, 2012
Shiv- Sati had better chemistry as it was magical. Their scenes togeter wer also more intense and mesmerising. Shiv Parvathi chem is also sweet but this is a differnt story than shiv sati's.

Tulika Dubey
Sep 06, 2012
This is like a no brainer. Sati- Mahadev was what made DKDM . The series toda is not even 10% as exciting as it was during Mahadev- Sati days. Sigh! Parvati's character has not been given depth.

shweta sharma
Sep 06, 2012
Sati had better chemistry.. Though parvati is trying her best..but she seems very young for the role..someone with more maturity would have been better.

Sep 06, 2012
Am appalled by this poll. I have watched this show right from the beginning and liked Mouni but the fact is am completely spell bound by Sonarika's charm and beauty. The show is at it's best now. It is

Shraddha Naik
Sep 06, 2012
Mouni Roy has the best chemistry with Mahadev. She would have done complete justice with the character of Parvati. Sonarika is too childish to play such a mature role.

Sep 06, 2012
Mouni.The M-M chemistry jumped off the screen, via looks or touch. With S, M lacks on-screen chem & she lacks the skill to fake it, so the pairing feels unbalanced.

Sep 06, 2012
Definitely Sati, The on screen chemistry between Sati-Mahadev is out of this world! Sati is more sensible and just got along with it!!

Namrata R
Sep 06, 2012
shiv-sati had best chemistry. Dey had best loving chemistry dat made us stick to d show.. Best jodi was shiv-sati. Even sona doin gud but not lyk mouni..

Archana Nanda
Sep 06, 2012
Shiva-Sati chemistry was true to its nature. With Parvati, it is more of the traditional husband/wife or Bhagwan/Bhakt relationship. But Sati was a true intense love affair.

Aakanksha Ranjan
Sep 06, 2012
I'll go 4 M n M chemistry obviously! e1 when shiv used think bout sati or sati used 2 think bout shiv...i really used 2 get goosebumps! amazing they were!!!S cn improve bt nthing cn b like Mdev-sati!

Dipika Shirodkar
Sep 06, 2012
Definately Shiv-Sati shared d best chemistry!! expressions, convrsations n evn d scenes potraying their immense love used 2 kp me spellbound! they made perfect couple potraying an eternal love story!

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