Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

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Happy birthday Virgo!


Helloooo Virgo time! The Virgo new moon shines on September 15, marking your personal new year, prompting you to go for it! This will be a good month for investments or to even seal a deal that brings on the big bucks. If you have been suppressing your authentic voice, well, it’s time to express yourself but don’t be too scathing with close friends and family.  Our advice, vent to a friend or objective listener before you express your grievances with the party in question.


You might not be in a completely romantic mind frame until later this month but don’t worry, there is still plenty of time for love! The Sun in Virgo till the 22nd, you are completely focused on your personal goals but that independent spirit can be so attractive and Virgos may putting out a karmic draw to someone who says all the right things but remains a bit of a mystery.  The Aries full moon comes into play on September 29, this is a powerful date for engagements, commitments or just making things more official.


You are brimming with new ideas this month. Problem is that you probably have more ideas than you actually know what to do with. Jot them all down because by the end of the month the cream will rise to the top and you’ll find one or two ideas worth your attention and work. Basically a great month for fruitful collaborations, exploring ideas, investment and of course cake!


Ruler: trivia-hungry, quick-witted, erudite Mercury

Your gifts: modesty, a talent for managing details, a desire to serve humankind

Your issues: perfectionism, judgmental righteousness, icy control

Your saving grace: your vast storehouse of practical wisdom and homespun remedies

Compatible with: Cancer, Gemini

Not so compatible with: Aquarius, Leo

Celebrity starmates: Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, Blake Lively, Jason Stratham, Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek, Richard Gere

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