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Aditi Tailang will steal your heart. She is cute, bubbly, vivacious and an absolute stunner at that!! Conversing with her is refreshing and we found out that Aditi is as enthusiastic and passionate about her work as she is about her friends, Audrey Hepburn, Lipsticks and necklaces! Yep, this petite, doe eyed girl tells Tinsel Gupshup that she collects necklaces and neck pieces…so without further ado we present to you, Aditi Tailang’s Pitara….


“Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.” - Audrey Hepburn 



TG: When you say neck pieces, what do you mean – necklaces, pendants…?

AT: Well, basically I like accessories for my neck. I don’t mean heavy and traditional pieces rather I go for necklaces and neck pieces that I can wear on a regular basis. I am not an earring or bracelet person so if I have to choose an accessory, I would prefer to wear a neck piece. I have a range of pieces in my collection – funky colored pieces, pieces that make a bold statement, delicate pieces, simple every day casual wear, beautiful pendants…you name it and I have it!



TG: When did you develop an interest in neck pieces? Since when have you been collecting them?

AT: I have always been attracted to jewellery for the neck. I have a small face so not all types of earrings suit me. I just feel that even if you wear a simple top and a nice bright neck accessory…it can add so much oomph to your look. As far as style is concerned I prefer solid block colors. There was a time when I would wear small prints but since I am petite, prints don’t really suit me. So whether I am dressed casually or dressed to go out for the evening I will always accessorize my neck. I don’t wear loud over the top pieces but I do like bright colors and I just feel it can make your entire look just pop. Simple feminine top, jeans and a beautiful, bright necklace or neck piece completes the look!



TG: Do you prefer traditional pieces or as you said funky and modern stuff?

AT: I am very simple and I like dressing casually. As I mentioned, I love bright colors - Yellows, Oranges and I love White too. I do have traditional jewellery but I think when you wear traditional clothes you end up accessorizing with heavy earrings. Whether you wear a lehenga, sari or salwar the neckline is always embroidered beautifully and heavily so you can’t wear chunky necklaces. Basically when I dress traditionally I wear a maang tikka and earrings and leave my neck bare. When I dress casually, I’ll wear funky and modern necklaces.



TG: What is the most exotic or unusual piece that you have?

AT: Ummm...all of them are unusual. I think all my pieces are unique because I tend to buy them according to my wardrobe and style. So I won’t pick up a piece unless it catches my eye. I think I have over 50 neck pieces…



TG: What attracts you to buy a piece – beads, stones, colors?

AT: I am not much of a beads person but I do like stones. Ummmm…anything could attract my eye…for example; I have delicate pieces, chunky ones, heavy designed ones, very simple ones. So I don’t look for neck pieces in just one color or one metal. I like pieces that stand out and they should be unique.



TG: Are you an impulsive shopper when it comes to your neck pieces?

AT: I’ll be very honest, neck pieces and simple necklaces are not too expensive. I mean, if you pick up a diamond necklace then of course it will cost you a lot but what I collect are simple and casual necklaces. I am a very wise shopper and I am not impulsive at all so if I buy something it has to be worth the price! I am not the kind of girl who will pick up something very expensive because it is branded or because people are raving about it…it has to suit me, I have to like it and it has to be unique. I don’t mind spending money on something that is either extremely beautiful or absolutely exclusive. 


Photo credit: Aditi Tailang


© Tinsel Gupshup

Nov 09, 2012
It is nice to find some decent content for once, I reaaly am getting sick of the continual drivel I find of late, you deserve respect for posting readable and informative data.

Aparna T. Spinthakis
Oct 21, 2012
I think I should start watching more TV shows now to know more about her.Good job Tinsel for bringing these features.:)

Oct 20, 2012
Nice interview of aditi

Jul 28, 2012
She's pretty... was great as Rewa..And you really do bring in unique interviews.. Keep it up!!

Piu Chatterjee
Jul 28, 2012
Thank you so much for the wonderful section TG .Aditi we loved you as Rewa and I also loved your brief stint in Gumrah..Awwww those were beautiful and chic pieces..Keep rocking!!

Jul 28, 2012
That's a beautiful picture of Aditi.Thanks a lot for this interview....loved her accessories-very pretty.All the best for your future ventures Aditi.

Jul 27, 2012
that was a new thing to know about Aditi..we all had loved her as Rewa in Gulaal..thanks for the interview.

Amol Rajesh Birhade
Nov 01, 2016
so good serial baba ESO var I like serial.z anmol chanal.good directions good filling's good thought. so incredible serial .and best perfonce act please give me chance serial working .carry on thanku.
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