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Young beautiful and talented, Seema Mishra could well be the most popular ‘bad girl’ on Indian television. She portrays ‘Dipali’ in Madhubala…the character who will go to any lengths to create a rift between superstar RK and his wife Madhubala. Well, playing the troublemaker is no easy feat but Seema seems to slip into Dipali’s character comfortably. Accessorizing her talent with a sultry voice and beautifully made up eyes…Tinsel Gupshup brings you Seema Mishra’s beauty secrets.



TG: You have beautiful skin, please share your regimen with us (morning and night)

SM: I follow a very simple skincare routine. I cleanse my skin very well and make sure that I remove every single trace of makeup. Cleansing is followed by toning and moisturizing. I have combination skin that has a tendency to get quite dry so I need to keep my skin moisturized really well.



TG: As an actor, you have to wear make-up for long hours, endure strong lights day in and day out, how do you protect your skin when you are shooting?

SM: You know there’s not much we can do to protect our skin while we are shooting. I do keep myself hydrated by drinking a lot of water, coconut water, lime juice etc.



TG: At shoots, do you wear your own brand of make-up?

SM: Yes, of course! Most of my makeup is from MAC and I wear a base foundation from Derma.



TG: What is the one skin care product you absolutely cannot do without?

SM: Ummm…that would have to be my Cetaphil face wash. I think, Cetaphil is probably the most common face wash recommended by any dermatologist. I am completely addicted to it and I cannot use any other face wash.



TG: How do you deal with the occasional break-out?

SM: Oh my God! Recently my skin took such a terrible beating!! Actually, it was my mistake. I went for a face massage and the products they used did not suit my skin and my skin broke out so badly. In fact, I am still under treatment for that. So basically, if I get pimples…I prefer to go to a dermatologist to get the proper treatment.




TG: When it comes to skin care and make-up products are you an impulsive shopper or do you research before you buy and try?

SM: Oh no…I am not impulsive at all. I definitely do a lot of research before I buy any products. I have sensitive skin, a sensitive scalp and a very sensitive stomach. So, I have to be very careful about the products that I use. Anything that has to go into my system or any product that needs to be applied externally…I make sure that I check and cross check with my doctors. I try to stick to organic products, whether it is something I have to eat or apply. So, you won’t find me walking into a Clarins or a Clinique and picking up random products.




TG: How do you pamper your skin? (Spa treatments, masks)

SM: I am not really into masks and facials etc but I love going to a hair spa! I go to a hair spa every 20 – 25 days because I love getting head massages. When you watch me in Madhubala, only the front section of my hair is actually my own hair! The back portion is a wig. I chose to do that because I don’t want to put my hair through this daily abuse of blow-drying, chemicals etc. I have naturally beautiful, frizz free hair because I always condition my hair after shampooing and use Moroccan Argan Oil.



TG: Your favorite face wash and moisturizing cream? Favorite brands?

SM: Oh, I use a moisturizing cream by Cetaphil. I have kept my skin care regime very simple but that works out just fine for me. There are so many products out there that you can just get lost looking for a basic face wash. I am really happy with Cetaphil because it is basic, it works for me and I can easily find this brand anywhere.



TG: What products do you carry in your handbag?

SM: I always carry a sanitizer, an Aloe Vera hand moisturizer by Fab India, a lip balm, kajal and lipstick.



TG: Late night shoots, you wake up feeling blah...what do you do for a skin pick me up?

SM: In the mornings, I always make time for breathing yoga and that refreshes and rejuvenates me. Also, I try and meditate on a regular basis.




TG: One actor (female - Films, Television or Hollywood) who you think has flawless and beautiful skin?

SM: I think Kareena Kapoor has beautiful skin.



TG: Do you do anything in particular for your skin before an important event, evening, photo-shoot?

SM: Yes. Before a photo shoot my makeup artist gives me a face massage. If you get your face massaged for a few minutes before you put your makeup on…it really gives you a natural glow.



TG: What is Seema’s trademark make-up style?

SM: I try to keep my makeup very simple. My sister is a makeup artist so I take a lot of tips and advice from her. She comes from a different school of makeup. You know, I still have to work with my makeup dada when he is creating ‘Deepali’s smokey eyes look because I always have to tell him to blend the colours well to achieve that look. I am not taking away any credit from him because he does a fantastic job with my makeup but television makeup artists are more old school. I like to use a beautiful blush, mascara and fill my brows really well. I think every girl should understand the importance of filling in her brows because well defined eye brows can add so much definition to your face! If I use dark shades of lipstick, then I’ll use a lip liner. So I focus on my cheeks, lashes, brows and lips.



TG: The best beauty advice / tip that you have received

SM: Whenever you get the opportunity to smile or laugh…do that! There is nothing more beautiful than laughter for your skin and inner well being. Eat on time and eat healthy. Spend more time with nature and treat your body and mind like a temple


Photo credit: Seema Mishra


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