Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)

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Happy birthday Leo!!!


A month for reinventing yourself and letting go of all that holds you back. Hit the refresh button in your life, clear the cache, stop thinking about the past and get ready to create some new memories. This month also brings new adventures in all areas of your life as you explore the unseen aspects of your own personality. Good month to invest in yourself…so sign up for that class or workshop that you have always wanted to take but never had the time to. This is the best time to start creative projects because once you get started…there is just no holding you back.


Ruler: the Sun

Your gifts: Confident, ambitious, loyal

Your issues: Impractical, egoistic

Your saving grace: the ability to turn normal & mundane to new and exciting

Compatible with: Aries, Scorpio

Not so compatible with: Aquarius, Virgo


Aug 07, 2013
Barun Sobti's Birthday! :D Just 14 days to go ;)

Aug 07, 2013
YESSS!!! Barun Sobti birthday ♥♥

Aparna Thiyam
Aug 07, 2013
Aries do get along very well with Leos..my life is surrounded by Leos n on top of that what more can I say Mohit Raina, Barun Sobti, Manish Paul my fav of all

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