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"Parichay" is one serial that I do not like to miss out on. Kudos to the director and the creative team who have created a drama where each and every actor has portrayed their character just as it happens in any normal middle class household. While you watch them you feel as if it is all happening in your own house and that you are a part of the family. Siddhi's kidnapping of course was a bit over the top and that track could have been avoided but Kunal and Siddhi are just great! The chemistry between them and the subtle love between them is just electrifying. 

The senior Chopra's (husband and wife), Seema, Gaurav, Vikram and Raveena are just brilliant. Senior Chopra is so good that you would not mind having him as a father or father in law. Veena's acting is so good that while talking about Kunal and Siddhi's baby she is so protective that you can almost see the glint of eccentricity in her eyes. Makes you wonder if she might be the antagonist in the future episodes!

Another person who needs a special mention is Richa Thakral (Mona Wasu). Though she may have exited the show (for now...) there was this madness to her character and her last scene in the courtroom where she was begging Kunal to take her back was completely mind-blowing! 

Contributed by Mrs. Meera Gupta

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Nov 13, 2012
Parichay Serial becomes worst from last 2-3 weeks ... Har time rona -dhona... Without any logic... bas khetchte he jaa rahe hai.. Kuch sochna hai to dhang ka socho.... mila do dono becharao ko(Sidhi & kunal) Thanks

Oct 29, 2012
sidhi ... I watch the serial only becuase of her... Beautiful is just not the word. Her act is heart Touching. Kunal ..kudos to you as well. Both of you make a great PAIR.

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