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One of the prettiest faces on television today, Sreejita De can portray fierce and vulnerable with such ease. Currently playing ‘Mukta’ in Uttaran, I am always amazed at how gorgeous she looks in just about any colour she wears. Top that with the fact that this attractive young girl’s most stunning feature is her hundred watt dazzling smile! She loves experimenting with lip colors and prefers organic and herbal skin care products. Tinsel Gupshup brings you Sreejita De’s beauty secrets




TG: You have beautiful skin, please share your regimen with us (morning and night)

SD: I don’t follow any special regimen for my skin. I’ll just clean my face with a face wash and water and then apply a night cream before I go to sleep. I am very particular about my diet and I eat a lot of fresh fruits, salads etc. Healthy eating is definitely more beneficial than relying on products that contain all sorts of chemicals.




TG: as an actor, you have to wear make-up for long hours, endure strong lights day in and day out, how do you protect your skin when you are shooting?

SD: When you have make-up on for 12 -13 hours every single day, it does become very difficult to protect your skin. We have to be even more careful about protecting our skin while shooting outdoors. So I always make it a point to use a good sunscreen. Also, even though all make-up products contain chemicals, I am very particular about the brands that I use. During the day I drink lots of coconut water and nimboo paani and then as soon as the shoot is over, I’ll remove my make-up



TG: at shoots, do you wear your own brand of make-up?

SD: Oh yes! I always use my own make-up and brushes. All my make-up is from MAC




TG: What is the one skin care product you absolutely cannot do without?

SD: Ummm…that will have to be my Neutrogena sunscreen. I use that every single day. 


TG: How do you deal with the occasional break-out?

SD: Unfortunately I do get the occasional pimple and I get so annoyed when I see a spot on my skin but I always rely on natural remedies to deal with any spots. Just make a paste out of 5 Neem leaves and one Clove and apply that paste on the pimple overnight. This remedy is really good for getting rid of the pimple. I feel that eating fresh fruits and vegetables and using natural remedies is the best way to stay healthy and keep your skin pimple free



TG: When it comes to skin care and make-up products are you an impulsive shopper or do you research before you buy and try?

SD: Well you can say that I am kind of biased towards MAC but still I do like to read about new products. I am always interested in reading up about any new herbal products.




TG: How do you pamper your skin? (Spa treatments, masks)

SD: Oh I just love going for massages. I am addicted to Thai spa treatments and also I love going to hair spas for hair massages.


TG: Your favorite face wash and moisturizing cream? Favorite brands?

SD: MAC has a really nice liquid make-up remover. I used to use a face wash from Body Shop a while back but at the moment I am using Himalayas Neem Face wash. It really does not make sense to spend a lot of money on facial cleansers because you only have it on your face for a few seconds before you wash it off. I would much rather spend more money on a good moisturizer or night cream. At night I use Johnsons Baby cream. It is very light, contains minimal chemicals and allows my skin to breathe. 



TG: What products do you carry in your handbag?

SD: A perfume, I cannot do without my perfume, sunscreen and then wet tissues



TG: What is your magic home remedy? Something your mother or grandmother taught you?

SD: My grand mom had taught me this a while back – Chandan paste mixed with a few drops of milk and applied to the face gives your skin an amazing glow! Unfortunately I really don’t get much time to indulge in this remedy.



TG: Late night shoots, you wake up feeling blah...what do you do for a skin pick me up?

SD: I use Cucumber slices on my eyes to calm down the puffiness caused by late night shoots. Such remedies only help to an extent because nothing compares to the wonders that a good night’s sleep can do for your skin and general well being.




TG: One actor (female - Films, Television or Hollywood) who you think has flawless and beautiful skin?

SD: I think Katrina Kaif has gorgeous skin 



TG: Do you like to try new products or do you prefer to stick to what works for you?

SD: No, I don’t like to change my products very often. Once a product suits you then I think you should just cling on to that.



TG: Do you do anything in particular for your skin before an important event, evening, photo-shoot?

SD: Ummm…I usually apply a Cucumber or Multani mitti face mask. I don’t like applying too much make-up because in terms of make-up…less is more. For an event or evening out, I’ll make sure that my make-up is just right and the idea is to always look fresh



TG: What is Sreejita’s trademark make-up style?

SD: I love dusky eyes with a very light base and a nude lip colour.



TG: The best beauty advice / tip that you have received

SD: I always advise my friends to go the natural way so, eat healthy, exercise and keep smiling!


Photo Credit: Sreejita De


©Tinsel Gupshup

Apr 14, 2013
thanks tg/anju for this interview. i really admire sree and i just love her smile. srj n sree n gc are my fav cast in ut.

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