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You know him as the ultimate bad guy of television. We know him as the most passionate and positive person! Karnvir Bohra is a one-man industry in himself – he writes, sketches, produces, acts and dances. Spend some time with this immensely talented guy and you will realize that he is actually just as ‘cool’ as he appears to be on screen! He takes his work very seriously, has a wicked sense of humour and seriously ups the cool quotient when he tells us that he collects glares and is crazy about bikes! Tinsel Gupshup brings your Karnvir Bohra’s Pitara…


KB: So for your Pitara…I collect sunglasses or glares…



TG: Really? How did that start?

KB: I started collecting them when I was in college. I feel that all shapes and sizes suit my face so I am always buying a new pair. I have all kinds of glares – crazy kinds, really cool ones, funky kinds, colored frames, colored glasses etc. I have a huge collection!



TG: How many pairs do you have?

KB: Oh man…I have more than 50 pairs and the collection is still growing



TG: You look like a very serious kind of person. I can’t imagine you wearing funky glares

KB: Oh I love them! I have the strangest looking glares and believe me…I do wear them when I head out. In fact, I am a huge fan of the fashion and style statements back in the 60's and 70's so I do tend to pick up a lot of glares that have that 'old school' look.



TG: Do you have absolute favorite pair?

KB: Ummm…keeps changing but right now my favorite pair are my ‘Bono’ glares. I have had them for a while now. ‘Bono’ glares are also known as the ‘Bumble bee’ glasses so that gives you an idea of what they look like.



TG: Tell us about the most expensive pair you own

KB: Oh that would have to be my Prada glares. They were super expensive but to be honest, someone gifted them to me.



TG: What attracts you to a pair? Do you like a particular brand…

KB: Actually, I am just crazy about glares so for me, it’s really not about the price or the brand. I always focus on the way they look. I do have some really well known brands but then I also have snazzy glares that are made by weird companies that no one really knows about. I end up buying glares from all sorts of places.



TG: Also heard that you are crazy about bikes?

KB: Yes!! That is a new found passion. I own a Harley Davidson and that bike is a beast of a machine. I am in love with my bike



TG: Do you get a chance to ride it much here in Mumbai?

KB: I take it out for a spin in the evenings or late nights. Seriously…that bike is a monster…kind of like Viraj Dobriyal!! (Chuckles)


Photo credit: Karnvir Bohra

©Tinsel Gupshup

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