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Indian television has become boring and monotonous. There is hardly any content in the serials. And every other channel has the same kind of saas-bahu dramas. The reality shows are also adaptations from the channels overseas, sometimes with the same theme. If Sony entertainment has Indian Idol, Zee TV has Sa Re Ga Ma, Star TV has Jo jeeta wohi superstar… and Colors have Surukshetra. As a viewer….what I want to know is that why is this monotony there??? It is a similar competition with different names. Sometimes seeing the fights with the judges in these shows tells me that it’s not even a reality show and completely scripted.

A country like India with a lot of talent and creativity is capable of much more than this. The problem is shows here are based on TRP ratings and I believe it’s the most unfair way to judge the fate of a show. There are some sets of viewers to contribute to good TRP… makers are not willing to take the risk and are still stuck to the same daily soap drama. 

Look at the international TV industry...there are various themes...there are comedy shows (How I met your mother, Friends, Big bang theory, Modern family,), investigation shows (Mentalist, Bones, CSI), daily soaps (Bold and the beautiful), medical shows (House, Greys anatomy, ER ), musicals  (Glee), reality shows and then Fantasy Fictions such as Heroes, Smallville many more...I can go on. There is a huge choice there...everyone can choose what they want to watch. Here in India there is only the same kind of daily soaps with ‘rona dhona’ and kitchen politics. All I want to say is that not all shows need to be a daily soap that too with the same themes. 

I wish the makers and the channel realize that there is a huge set of audience who would like to watch something different. Especially when most of the Indian channels are reaching globally...there will be a whole new set of viewers for such shows.

Bringing about change is something that should come from within the industry. TV industry is exhausting and the working hours are too much. Also it gets monotonous. I recently read Shruthi Seth's interview where she mentions all the characters in the Indian TV look alike...there is not much change. 

I have heard from many actors that TV is exhausting and need long hours of work. The actors do get tired and there is much creative dissatisfaction. Here I would like to quote Barun Sobti from his recent interview in Tinsel Gupshup, “People feel that television is looked down upon and films are bigger and better but it’s not like that at all ( I don’t know about other people but for me television is extremely grueling and it is very difficult to carry on doing the same thing over and over again for a long time”. The actors can talk about their needs and the long run I feel the change can be only made if the channel want to...and of course the big production houses should be willing to do this. It’s a big step...but gradually can be done.

What I want to say here is, if there are 20 daily soaps; to start with make 5 of them weekly. Creativity improves, working schedules are better for actors, there will be creative satisfaction...there will be a lot of change and they also get to work in other projects simultaneously...not only movies but other shows too. Long working hours for the actors are tiring and doing same thing every day becomes monotonous. I would also quote Kunal Karan Kapoor from his interview in Tinsel Gupshup, “I think the TV industry has killed my passion. Don’t get me wrong, I love acting but television is extremely hard and at some point you start pining for a normal, sane existence" (

As viewers again we can only voice opinions in any media sites or channels. Again the big decision to make that change lies with the makers. I feel we should voice out our opinion. If the change is made...and there is enough publicity about it...there will be many more viewers, young and old.


Recently I read in the Mad Midas FB page that a new series called “Bandiish”…staring Karan Tacker and others is not going on air as none of the channels are willing to take it up and they are playing it safe. This is not what we want…..channels should be bold enough to make the change…’s high time now to move away from this kitchen politics. I do like to watch shows with some realistic themes like or Maahi Ve. There are many concepts…everyone should explore. I feel the actors will enjoy this and the viewers too. Together we can voice out our opinion to all the channels here…..and make some change in the Indian television industry.




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Nandini Rao
Mar 07, 2013
Very well written piece. Really hope the Indian TV industry give importance to the content and quality of the shows than just quantity.

Feb 16, 2013
channels and ph should understand need of an hour and should bring mini series with definate storyline preventing actors from monotony and overwork schedule between wonderful article

Feb 16, 2013
There is monotony as entertainment 1st preference is business not creativity. And change in Indian TV won't come until the audiece start rejecting.

Feb 15, 2013
Completely agree!! also why don't Indian shows have set episodes and seasons , then it wouldn't affect the storyline and it would keep the content.. There needs to be more variety and channels need t

Feb 12, 2013
I totally agree, what a great article, I feel channels and PHs need to realise that there are a lot of audience who want a change too! We need to progress and not regress. We need to break away!

Feb 11, 2013
Nice post, I second your opinion. If anyone can make any change, it is the channel itself. If they are not willing to make any changes, the ultimate losers will be them only. It was a wonderful post.

Feb 11, 2013
Nice post!one more thing here. It sounds weird a TEAM of writers works one after the other filling up aimless episodes running for yrs,where original message is all confused! Y not focus quality?

Feb 11, 2013
Very well written. Completly agree with you. The stories now seem to be all recycled and used over and over again.

Feb 11, 2013
Great!Its really weird shows run 4 yrs,aimless with group of writers filling episodes one after the other, Main focus and original track all gets confused! Killing the creativity and soul of message.

Feb 11, 2013
Wonderful article It's high time channels change their ideaologies

Feb 11, 2013
I agree. Where is the logic in thinking that 1.2 bln Indians like to watch Saas Bahu shows? Hope change happens. TV needs to cater to the all Indians with different taste. Quality matters not quantity

Feb 11, 2013
True, the shows start out different sometimes, but seem to come back to the same tired storylines. I'd also like a defined shelf-life for shows - all of them seem indefinite until the lead quits!

Feb 11, 2013
Fully agree.TRPs to measure success of a TV has to go. Frequency of shows should become weekly. These 2 steps would automatically improve content and creativity and increase viewers interest. ThanQ :)

Feb 11, 2013
Excellent POV. The industry needs to move away from these Saas-Bahu social dramas;they portray a woman's standing in today's society ina extremely regressive way.We need to come out of this stereotype

Aparna T. Spinthakis
Feb 10, 2013
Bravo every word u wrote I SECOND THAT .Hope it reaches to those who are involved with TV industries n follow it in positive way.They destroy even following the original format by adding desi masala.

Piu Chatterjee
Feb 10, 2013
KUDOS!! For voicing the opinions of the majority of viewers.The trend of regression and monotony hits an all time high in Indian TV shows.Viewrs are left shocked how far this monotony will go.??

Feb 10, 2013
At last someone spoke my mind. This is the reason I don't hardly watch any Indian drama. It is time to change as there is lot of talent but repeat of similar shows shows that people are out to cash in

Feb 10, 2013
Agree 100% but then how are regressive saas bahu shows so popular and always 1? We want to watch progressive shows but are we a minority that the channels don't consider worth the risk?

Feb 10, 2013
Well said. The stories are repetitive and its high time Indian TV moves away from Saas bahu sagas to other genres & focus on qualitative shows. It is sad to see mediocrity in many shows just for TRP's

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