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“Don't you know that a midnight hour comes when everyone has to take off his mask? Do you think life always lets itself be trifled with? Do you think you can sneak off a little before midnight to escape this?” – Soren Kierkegaard


One of my favorite question’s to an actor – how do you manage to switch off? When you live in a character’s skin for 16 to 17 hours every day, who do you leave behind on the set and who do you, bring back home with you? Most of the times, my question is answered by a longish pause…even after years of experience, seasoned actors still struggle with the answer to that question. They are yet to master the art of ‘switching off’. It took Sushant Singh more than 4 months to even realize that he was still ‘Sukhdev’ and Varun Badola admitted that his character in ‘Koshish’ had an effect on him. All the actors I have spoken to admit that ‘switching off’ truly is an art of sorts. I have been told that Sridevi is an expert at keeping herself in character and she knows just when and how to come out of it as well. Apparently, the trick is to keep to yourself and to not speak to anyone during a shoot. That ‘Do Not Disturb’ attitude helps an actor stay focused and in character. I suppose it’s not really possible to stay in that DND zone when you are shooting for 18-20 hours a day…right?


In retrospect, this question is equally relevant for all of us because are we not guilty of bringing work home too? Long, stressful days at the office, we come back home grumpy, sullen, tired, hungry and more often than not, switch on our laptops to finish off the report that is due first thing in the morning! So how do we switch off? When do we switch off? Rather, is it even possible to switch off at all? Want to hear the irony of it all? Our switch off mode begins the moment we pick up the remotes and turn our televisions on! Daily shows and movies are our escape from reality and a break from the monotony of the daily routine. We get lost in the plots, fall in love with the leading guy, get angry at the dutiful bahu who knows exactly what is going on but won’t open her mouth in front of the elders etc etc. It doesn’t end there…does it? After watching the shows, we dissect each expression at the dinner table, tweet about it and then log into forums to discuss and debate those 30 minutes with virtual friends.


If we get so lost and involved in our favorite fictional characters, how and where does an actor playing the character even begin to draw the line between his work and his life? So, you can imagine why it always intrigues me to find out how an actor escapes from it all? Even though there is no method to it, I suppose it's all about time, experience and practice. Here is to all our favorite actors, writers, producers and directors who help us switch off and yet are searching for ways to master the art of ‘switching off’ themselves! Here is to Television!


Happy New Year Gupshup’ians!! Thank you for all your support, love and encouragement all through 2012 and may the Gupshup’ping be just as strong and fun in the New Year! Stay blessed!


Gupshuping'ly your's,


Anjalika Gupta


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Jan 02, 2013
Happy New Year TG. Indeed, that is one of my fav question you ask to celebs. I loved your analysis of it !!!! looking forward to more exciting interviews in 2013 :) All the best !

Aparna T. Spinthakis
Dec 30, 2012
As alwyas love reading ur articles. 'Here is to all our favorite actors, writers, producers and directors who help us switch off and yet are searching for ways to master the art of ?switching off? themselves! Here is to Television!' beautiful lines

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