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It’s the way she looks, the glossy falls of her hair, the beautiful dusky skin, the kohl enhanced eyes and that gorgeous smile. Sayantani Ghosh is a stunner. Recently she sashayed into the Big Boss house and left everyone spellbound with her shy demeanor and graceful moves on the dance floor. Tinsel Gupshup brings you Sayantani’s beauty secrets


TG: You have beautiful skin, please share your regimen with us (morning and night)

SG: I follow a very basic and simple skincare regime. In the morning I wash my face with warm water and my cleanser. At night, after my basic cleansing, I apply Aloe Vera gel and keep it on my face for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with plain water. Aloe Vera keeps my skin supple and soft. Sometimes, I will use a cold compress on top of the gel. Follow this with a good moisturizer before I go to sleep.



TG: As an actor, you have to wear make-up for long hours, endure strong lights day in and day out, how do you protect your skin when you are shooting?

SG: There is nothing much that we can do about wearing makeup for long hours while shooting. I am very particular about my products and most of my skin care products have SPF. Also, I always buy good quality products and I try and use mineral makeup.



TG: At shoots, do you wear your own brand of make-up?

SG: Oh yes! I am very particular about that. I carry my own products and never share any skin care or makeup products.



TG: What is the one skin care product you absolutely cannot do without?

SG: Most of my products are from a company called Clarins. Usually, when I apply sunscreen under makeup, it does not stay but I love the sunscreen by Clarins. In fact that is the only sunscreen that has suited me perfectly to date.



TG: How do you deal with the occasional break-out?

SG: Generally I don’t tend to breakout but it is just natural to get an occasional pimple because of all the makeup we use. I don’t fuss over the pimple and just apply a cream recommended by my dermatologist. Also, if I get one or two pimples, I’ll avoid using any heavy skin serums and just apply my Aloe Vera gel at night. You should never touch the pimples, just let them be.


TG: When it comes to skin care and make-up products are you an impulsive shopper or do you research before you buy and try?

SG: Well, that depends. I am never impulsive about skin care products but I do tend to pick up makeup without much research. I might want to try something new, or see a shade I like…in those cases; I’ll just buy the product.



TG: How do you pamper your skin? (Spa treatments, masks)

SG: I so go for a skin clean-up once a month but I don’t go for facials etc. I love going to the spa for body massages. That is my ultimate indulgence, very rejuvenating and relaxing.




TG: Your favorite face wash and moisturizing cream? Favorite brands?

SG: I have tried many face washes and at the moment I am using ‘Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser’. Apart from that most of my skincare is by Clarins so my moisturizer is from that range.



TG: What products do you carry in your handbag?

SG: A bottle of perfume, hand sanitizer, sunscreen and lip balm.



TG: Late night shoots, you wake up feeling blah...what do you do for a skin pick me up?

SG: I’ll use a cold compress on my face and apply a nice homemade face pack.



TG: One actor (female - Films, Television or Hollywood) who you think has flawless and beautiful skin?

SG: I think Kareena has gorgeous skin. Her skin just glows…Very supple, dewy



TG: Do you do anything in particular for your skin before an important event, evening, photo-shoot?

SG: No…at the most I’ll use my face pack and drink loads of water.




TG: What is Sayantani’s trademark make-up style?

SG: Kohl eyes, I love to emphasize my eyes with Kohl. I think that is my USP.


TG: The best beauty advice / tip that you have received

SG: Apart from what you use on the outside, you must take care of what you feed your body. So diet is extremely important for good, healthy skin. I am very particular about my diet and I always have nuts, a glass of vegetable juice etc because they make a huge difference to my skin. Sometimes, it’s more about what you eat rather than what you apply that makes the difference. 


Photo credit: Sayantani Ghosh


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