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Madhubala, the name as enchantingly and mysteriously beautiful, as it is reminiscently dramatic. Colors could not have given a better title to a serial which has such a lot of drama. I was captured by it, initially by the way they had put the efforts in updating the Titles before every telecast. But of course, afterwards, the enigmatic RK beckoned and I could not resist.

Madhubala and RK, a truly dramatic love story, but still, worth a try, for the hopeless romantics. Beware, initial episodes, may just prick the conscience of the feminists and the realists, the loopholes and the sometimes too slow story telling also might turn you off.

But then there are moments, dialogues which would appease the hearts of the blatantly corny people. “RK and Madhu, Ek tha Tiger and uski Tigerni.” As he once quoted, the battle was on, between the Sher and The Sherni, and the world need not interrupt them. Madhu, as she herself is fond of saying ‘Honslon Se Veer Hoon, Sankaton mein dheer hoon, Dushmano ki peer hoon, Apni Maa ke Sahare, Mein yunhi Balbir hoon’ The only woman who had dared to frown upon Rishabh Kundra, the Dream man of every woman above 8 and under 80, instead of fawning all over him...And so He has to conquer her...but it is actually ironical, that when he almost sees his win, he is ruffled...Of course he won’t like to admit it, he would like to stick to those four days of jail, those slaps which renewed their bond...but it is not so, is runs a lot deeper...And this is what bothers him, the way she runs deep inside him, like a fire in his veins and yet she is so calm…does not even look like she is creating a havoc inside him...

RK, the ultimate star of the fiction B-Town in this Tinsel Town’s Serial, is always on stage...reciting dialogues, giving filmy touches to is almost like a teenage girl, who is lost in a world of her own...because she fears the reality...RK is the same...he so dislikes the reality that he always seems to stay in that world...a world which adores him...a world where he is second to nobody...a world which raves about him and craves him as nowhere else... he carries this world along with him..Even when he is amongst the people who are sure to give him a reality shock and bring him down to the world where he is unloved, and neglected...and it is actually amazing that he has chosen the best candidate of that world...a world which wants to remain oblivious to him…and then wants full attention to him...Ironic isn't it...??



So we have these, as they say, star crossed lovers, bound in the marriage solemnized by four pheras (though in Gujaratis, 4 pheras are enough, apparently in the Kundra and Malik Family it should have been 7), the almost-half of the vows that RK made to Madhu while taking them, and the other one-less-than half that Madhu is fulfilling towards RK. Especially, now, after the dramatic shoot out of RK and Madhu going bare feet to Bappa’s Mandir for her hubby dearest and finally a dramatic resuscitation of RK, we are in for some real treat. The eternal push and pull between the Crucifier and the Tormentor, the pain and the panacea, the believer and the manipulator, is now going to be full-on. Don’t miss it. This is a visual bonanza on Television.


Srushti Thula


Photo credit: Colors TV

Piu Chatterjee
Dec 09, 2012
WONDERFULLY WORDED!! the cinematic bonanza Madhubala that once it was really has some awesome moments.But off late the interest dipped ..Thanks for sharing

Dec 04, 2012
Perfect analysis...srush..I loved how you have explained Rishab Kundra's character...and the equation between MadhuBala and him...keep writing..such to read them!!

Dec 01, 2012
Lovely Analysis. You have described both the characters so well. Their scenes have every element in them love, humor, emotion, anger, disgust, it has everything. And they make a lovely pair.

Nov 30, 2012
Good analysis of RK's Character- The contrast of his 2 different worlds is very well put across in this feature which explains his enigmatic nature.

DD my life
Nov 30, 2012
Amazing analysis.I agree with ur every single word.Thank u so much fr this.Hope to see more from u.

Nov 30, 2012
wow tat was an amazingly written.. along with the flaws... RK char was brilliantly observed.. hope everyone understands his amazingly sketched enigmatic character...

Nov 30, 2012
Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.It was an absolute joy to read this piece.

Nov 30, 2012
Thanks Srushti. very nice. i used to watch it before but then i lost interest.I feel like they deviated a lot from where they have started.i hope madhubala does become a cine actress instead of pati j

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